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a mobile application for the cooking channel to support users in their daily culinary life


apr - nov 2018





visual design

From April to November 2018, I worked on my graduation project for 24Kitchen. In this project I worked closely with the channel to design a possible new app to support their viewers even more online.

[case study in development]

How can a mobile app help 24Kitchen to become the main food platform for their viewers in which ease, inspiration and personalization are most important?


What 24Kitchen is lacking in online is the full support of the user's cooking experience. The channel strives to be a part of the user's entire culinary life, but currently that isn't happening. From research I found that the target group isn't cooking much anymore.

With the app, 24Kitchen can motivate the user to cook regularly by making the task as easy as possible for them and giving inspiration. By personalizing the app for the users and giving them content that fits their wishes and taste you can enhance this motivation even more.

current 24kitchen website

cook types

adding value

How can the 24Kitchen app be of an added value in a market full of recipe apps? To answer this question I compared the user's expectations to the offered features in current apps. In a survey I asked possible users what they would expect in the 24Kitchen app. The most important wishes were recipes, personalization and knowledge. Especially personalization is very rare in competing apps, and this is something 24Kitchen could really distinguish themselves with.

Another option for standing out in the crowd is interaction. By offering a handsfree function in the app, the user can follow a recipe and cook at the same time without having to touch the phone. For this, I introduced Voice Command in the app.

Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 16.31.24.png

personalisation: inspiration

Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 16.29.37.png

personalisation through preferences: sketches

the application

After several rounds of testing the final design for the app was made. The app turned out to be an online platform of the channel in which the user can find and follow recipes from the different TV shows. The user can fill in his preferences and based on this, the app will recommend recipes that fit his taste.

The user will be supported in the entire cooking process: the app will make weekly meal plans, ingredients can be saved in a grocery list, recipes can be followed in handsfree and non-handsfree ways and the app will share as much knowledge as possible at the right moments.

The 24Kitchen app aims to give the user a personalised experience

By asking the user's preferences, content can be adjusted accordingly

As content is adapted to the user's preferences, finding interesting recipes becomes easier

02: Voorkeuren Vega 3.png
03: Voorkeuren Gerechten 2.png
03: Voorkeuren Gerechten 2.png
04: Voorkeuren Kookniveau 3.png


As users open the 24Kitchen app for the first time, they are asked about their preferences around food and cooking, such as favourite meal types and cooking skills. By filling out these preferences, 24Kitchen can offer recipes and weekly menus that are more attractive for the user.

The preferences are asked in a short survey with supporting visuals to make the onboarding swift and enjoyable.

In the app, the user can find 24Kitchen recipes in a personal way

Recipes can be followed in different ways to ensure everyone can find their own preference

A personal weekly menu is generated for users to make choosing what to eat easier

03: Voorkeuren Gerechten 2.png
01: Home - Account.png
01: Recept detail - Ingredienten 1.png
01: Weekmenu - Vrijdag.png


In the application, recipes are offered to the user in different ways. The first recipes are mainly based on user preferences, to make finding meals that fit their taste easier.

Besides this, the user can simply search for recipes through the search bar and / or filters, or they can use the generated weekly menu, which creates a planner full of recipes they would like.

In cooking mode, the user can follow a recipe step by step

Voice command was introduced in cooking mode so users don't have to touch their screens while cooking

01: Kookstand - Voice Command Prompt.png
03: Kookstand - Stap 1.png

cooking mode

Recipes can be followed by using a step-by-step guide. From testing, I discovered that cooking with a recipe on your phone can be frustrating as you have to touch your phone with wet or dirty hands. For this, a cooking mode with Voice Command was introduced. This way, users can see recipes one step at a time and go to the next step without touching the screen.

The system uses simple commands such as 'Next' and 'Previous' to navigate through the recipe. The user can also ask for ingredient quantities by e.g. asking 'How much garlic?'.

This project was done during my BA Communication and Multimedia Design (2018) at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with 24Kitchen.

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